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The mentor network consists of experienced and accomplished technicians across many disciplines.

Mentors may be a credentialed technician within or outside of Kentucky.

Job Placement

State and regional technicians can provide advice on job opportunities and ideal fitting situation for new graduates. The mentor pool shall come from veterinary technician schools, as they are most intimately involved in the community.

A mentor shall provide advice for how to prepare for an interview with questions to ask an employer to find out if they are a good match.

State and regional technicians that can provide advice and recommended ideal opportunities tailored to the needs of a technician that is relocating to another state or region.

State and regional technicians that can provide advice and recommended ideal opportunities to technicians that are looking for a change.


A representative from exotic practice may provide opportunities for student shadowing or a resource for LVTs.

A zoological LVT can provide advice regarding how to prepare for a career in zoological medicine through volunteering or externship opportunities

Emergency and critical care technicians can provide guidance on obtaining jobs in ECC clinics and as a resource for those interested in this field of veterinary medicine

Laboratory animal medicine representative can offer advice how to begin a career in laboratory medicine.

Reference/diagnostic laboratory representative can serve as a resource of information regarding how to pursue a career in reference laboratories.

Hospital managers can serve as resource for other managers or head technicians, and advice regarding continuing education opportunities to improve skills.

Technicians that have started small business within the scope of each state’s Practice Act can provide advice and experiences.

Technicians that provide education either through a business or through local/regional meeting or those technicians that are in academia can provide advice and assistance to those that are interested in becoming an educator.

Technicians that have published articles, textbooks or have edited such items can provide assistance to any of those that wish to submit a publication.

Technicians that have experience in speaking can help those that wish to begin speaking at the formal conference level.

Relief network technicians that are willing to fill in as needed in each state and region.

Other state association executive board members/officers or previous executive board members/officers from various states can provide advice regarding how to get involved.

NAVTA (National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America) provides opportunities for representatives to facilitate communication between states and this national organization. KVTA past presidents serve as our NAVTA representative.

A Veterinary Technician Specialty (VTS) is for those that desire advanced knowledge and expertise in a specialized field. One or more representatives from each of the Academies can provide advice beyond the websites to assess and assist technicians interested in beginning the VTS process. For more information visit NAVTA.net.

Emergency & Critical Care


Internal Medicine (sub-specialties of cardiology, equine internal medicine, neurology, oncology, production animal internal medicine, and small animal internal medicine)

Anesthesia & Analgesia

Laboratory Animal'


Clinical Pathology

Clinical Practice


Equine Veterinary Nursing

Physical Rehabilitation





Diagnostic Imaging